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Lagrange Monbadon


Initially part of the land of the feudal castle overhanging it, Château Lagrange Monbadon shares its history.

It is interesting to note that in order to maintain a flourishing 19th century tradition, since the castle had then a dairy producing a well-known butter, a herd of limousines cows presently occupies land which is not planted in vines.

At winter time, this herd gives an excellent dung, periodically spread around the trees. In the same way, a sheep herd already mentioned for the feudal castle identically grazes in the vines at the start of winter.

Mixed farming of the old estate has also given way to horses and a hunting preserve, where pheasants, hares and deers can be met fortuitously while strolling.

Ecocert Agriculture biologique certifiée ECOCERT   
Membre de la 1ère Association pour le SME du vin de Bordeaux


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